The Angel Mom Movement

 An angel mom is a mom who has experienced the death of her child and the purpose of the movement is to support and help her embrace her new life. Unless you have walked in her shoes, it is difficult to understand the journey she has to walk.The Resurrection: Life After the Death of Your Child was written to support mothers who may be stuck and need a little help embracing their new life when she is ready.

Did you know:

·    How difficult it is for a mom to answer the question "How many children do you have?" after one dies.

·    So many moms suffer in silence, in essence of being "strong".

·    When her child died, the woman she used be no longer exists.

 Help me to help all the angel moms who are suffering in silence.

How can you help:

·  Gift someone a book you know, it may help in ways you can't.   

·  Donate a book to one of the many moms who have to walk this journey, we are connected to over 100K+  

·    Buy one for yourself, the book has been donated to a nonprofit that supports youth development so all donations are tax deductible and support youth programs.