The Resurrection: Life After The Death of Your Child by Latisa Be

Latisa Be thought there wasn’t any challenge in her life that she couldn’t overcome, until her son was senselessly murdered, and she was left in pieces. The Resurrection is an uplifting non-fiction book that seeks to instill hope to a parent who has experienced the loss of a child. Latisa walks us through how she created a new normal, broke a generational cycle, and redefined strength as she put her life back together. Latisa also gives practical insight to those who want to support a grieving mother to do so in a helpful, compassionate way.

If you are stuck and need help discovering who you are now, answering “how many children do you have?” or supporting a grieving mother, this is the book for you. Latisa provides an alternative to clinical books on grief and gives an intimate account on how she resurrected her life after her son's death. Her sometimes funny and always honest stories let you be the guide of your own healing, and the exercises in the book offers support as you put the pieces of your life back together.

The ebook is available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Reviews and Comments

Latisa is a strong and smart woman with a megawatt smile but behind her powerful presence is a story of heartache and grief. Her candid and vulnerable memoir is a must read for anyone suddenly overcome by the loss of a loved-one. How she found herself again is inspiring. You will cry with her and cheer her on through her story of heartache, hard work, happiness and healing. Latisa’s moving memoir is truly a story of resilience and renewal sure to restore your personal faith.
— Mia Gradney, KHOU 11 News Anchor and Producer, “A Common Thread”
I loved reading The Resurrection: Life after the Death of your Child because it discusses a topic that is paramount especially to those who have gone through the same experiences as the author. The death of one’s child is definitely a traumatic experience and death, in general, is not an easy topic. The existence of a book such as Latisa Be’s that handles the topic so well and which is written by someone who has gone through the pain of losing a child is certainly beneficial. The book’s message is also applicable to people who know anyone going through the loss of their child.
— EmunahAn
When Latisa walks into a room and flashes her beautiful, authentic smile everyone feeds off of her energy. The resilience she exudes enables her to be a pillar of strength to many of the women who cross her path. She is an advocate for the women of Dress for Success - Houston and has impacted the lives of many!
— Nancy Levicki, President & Co Founder, Dress for Success Houston